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Keith’s Inspirational Story Negotiating Cancer



Inspirational Love Story

If a loved one is diagnosed with cancer or you simply want to feel uplifted, this story is for you. Keith’s journey is about courage, strength, love and how his decision to thrive paved the way for joy.

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About Maryla Mary Storm

- Author

After being in the background assisting other authors in writing and publishing their books, Mary Storm wrote and published her own motivational book. The volume is an inspirational teaching memoir representing how her husband worked to live eleven (11) thriving years once he was given a two months cancer sentence.


Fighting and negotiating with cancer is what Keith did well. How Keith did it–how he managed to live for so long was a question often asked. That question is answered in the book through many chapters but more so in the following: Attitude, Research, Advocacy, Wellness, and Complementary Therapies of Tai Chi, QiGong, and Tama-do. Much information is included, especially Keith’s tips for handling everything from an ostomy, PICC line, Port-a-Cath, chemotherapy, and Y90 glowing in the dark.


Included in Mary’s informative teaching story are Keith’s cancer journals–First-person words from the man himself telling it frankly. Of course, Mary’s take is added along for the ride. Just don’t miss the stroke of the miracle!


Mary’s book is also a love and romance story that spans past the grief and living with loss.

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Keith’s Inspirational Story Negotiating Cancer


Perfect BOOK for anyone who is facing impossible odds. It’s impossible to read this book and not feel empowered by Keith’s unbreakable spirit and desire to make everyone around him a little better.

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About the book

An Inspirational Story of Grit, Determination & Love

The Miracle Isn’t Surviving Cancer—The Miracle is Thriving While Fighting Cancer

In a world filled with blockbuster superhero movies and a new superhero TV show every week, it’s easy to forget that our real world is filled with heroes too. Keith’s Inspirational Story Negotiating With Cancer —Survive, Revive, Thrive is a story about one of those real-life superheroes, Keith Storm. Keith’s superpower was incredible strength. He couldn’t lift a car with one arm or anything, but he had an unbreakable inner strength. That strength not only allowed him to survive stage four colon cancer for eleven years, it also inspired and lifted everyone around him. Any cancer diagnosis is frightening and lifealtering. But most people with stage four colon cancer have just enough time to get their affairs in order before they pass on—if they’re lucky. Keith not only battled cancer for eleven years, he did so with a resilience, humor, and grace that feels like it came from a movie script.


This memoir is lovingly written by Keith’s widow Maryla (Mary to her friends) Storm. She skillfully weaves the story of her and Keith’s lives together with Keith’s journal entries from his lengthy dogfight with cancer. This is the perfect book for anyone who is facing impossible odds. It’s impossible to read this book and not feel empowered by Keith’s unbreakable spirit and desire to make everyone around him a little better.

Don’t Waste Another Moment. Get Your Copy of Keith’s Inspirational Story Negotiating With Cancer -Survive, Revive, Thrive Right Now!


Mary Storm’s book portrays a striking example of deeply held spiritual faith and a remarkably caring relationship with a loving, also devout, wife facilitating a powerful life-sustaining affect on a man suffering from a mortal illness. The couple’s relationship in the face of a deadly malady grips the reader’s heart, while inspiring the reader by their love and profound religious faith likely bringing about a remarkable extension of his life. 

-Marvin P. Osman, M.D., Ph. D., member of the New Center for Psychoanalysis and clinical professor in psychiatry emeritus, Medical School of the University of Southern California.

A Real (audio) Page Turner....I could not stop!


As a former Oncology Licensed Clinical Social Worker - for many years - providing Psycho-Social evaluations and interventions with Cancer Patients and their families - I highly recommend this riveting true story. This book is a Bio-Psycho-Social toolkit that can be extremely beneficial for patients who are faced with the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer. This story of Keith and his wife Maryla Mary, clearly demonstrates the importance of being an active informed participant - and Advocate - in one's medical treatment. This is a moving and uplifting inspirational story of determination and ultimately resilience, in the journey of the Cancer experience. It is a a love story between Keith and Maryla Mary that illustrates the power of true love and eternal faith. In addition this book would be a beneficial teaching tool for all Health Care students entering the medical field and all professionals in the specialty of Oncology - as well as those who plan to work with all chronic illnesses. I highly recommend the audio book....the narrated voices of Keith and Maryla Mary are moving and compelling!


A great gift book!

Everyone who has cancer or knows people who have it should read this book. It's extremely inspirational and very hard to put down! So helpful to all!

-Marilyn DeNovo

Life Changing Book!

The book mentions Keith as a real-life superhero and perfect title of the book is "Keith's Inspirational Story Negotiating With Cancer Survive Thrive Survive". The book is about how he lived through positive thinking and taking care of his body with alternative complementary methods along with the medical aspects of the surgeries and chemotherapy he endured.

The book is especially great for people who have or have been diagnosed with cancer.
An amazing life changing book! Highly recommend.


Well-written and Very Inspirational!

I liked how the whole journey was written and the fact that it can help other people that are going through the same thing.

-G. Holbrook

Inspirational Beyond Words!!

I have never read a book in two days. I literally could not put this book down. Maryla captures this incredible cancer fighting story with passion. hope and inspiration. I feel as if I was with her as I turned every page. Not only is it moving but extremally educational, anyone who knows someone fighting cancer would absolutely gain tremendously by reading this book. I have the utmost admiration for what Keith endured, I also know he could not have done it without God and his wife.

-S. Clower

The book was great.

This book is a true Love Story. The love of God and each other. A must read for anyone dealing with cancer. This is like reading JAMA with cliff notes. Whether you are Mary or Keith the understanding and education you'll receive is priceless.

-Lana Jordan

Highly Recommended!
This is a great book. It provides in-depth information that can be helpful for people who have family members with cancer, people who are fighting cancer, and for someone who has lost a loved one to cancer.
I love that the author is someone with personal experience and makes you realize you are not alone in your struggles. It’s comforting to find someone who can relate to what you are going through.
Keith and Maryla’s story pulled at my say I shed a few tears is an understatement. After reading this book, I finally understand the struggles that my sister and aunt must have felt when they were battling cancer.
The book is well written and packed with helpful information. I'm very grateful to the author for taking the time to put the journey in print.


Moving Read!

A moving yet practical testimonial of a couple who faced, together, the biggest challenge of their bonded lives.  Relying on the best of medicine, faith, spiritual practices and their indomitable courage they survived the husband’s cancer for eleven impossible years, during which time neither their love nor their resolve ever faltered.  

-C. Gerard

Fantastic book!!!! Very inspirational

-Krisin Harrison-Jackson

Such an Inspirational Book!

Mary I am sorry you had to deal with this alone! The cancer fight journey was inspirational!

Thank you for sharing this rough journey, and I pray this will helps us all cope with loss of a love one fighting this or any illness.

-Maria Venancio

Following is an official review of "Keith's Inspirational Story Negotiating Cancer–Survive Revive Thrive" by Maryla Mary Storm. Although the subject matter of this story is serious, I like how the author was able to convey its important message in a straightforward manner. Her writing style was distinctive, lucid, and concise. I was completely engrossed in the book from beginning to end. She was thorough and took her time to write down all the steps they took, using quotes from many books and websites that conducted medical studies to give readers a better understanding. She occasionally added entries from Keith's journal, which helped the reading feel more relatable. I would like to rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because there was nothing I could find fault with. It is a remarkable narrative that was skillfully told. I recommend the book to people who are going through a difficult time in their lives, as well as those who have a loved one suffering from a terminal disease, because it may bring them comfort.


As the author would always say, "Hope never dies."

- Sophia D Ajayi
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